Founded in 2001, Ministrymaker Ministries helps grow and strengthen churches and non-profit groups by providing free resources to church planters, pastors and ministry leaders around the world. Top Christian Books and Bibles Many are in the process of starting a church or attempting to strengthen an existing ministry, while others are seeking help with personal issues or their faith.

We hope you are blessed by our collection of inspirational articles, devotionals and studies written by men and women of God who have either planted a church, started a ministry, or helped others fufill their vision. Have questions or comments? Send us a message here.


“You have really blessed me on the issue of prayer. May the Lord bless you so much. Our church is now getting into community outreach and it is so fulfilling. I like your ministry because it injects life into dead situations.”

 - Peter Kaunda, Lusaka, Zambia

“When I first felt the spirit of God tugging on my heart to step out into ministry I moved in faith surfing the Web to get information on how to start. NOTHING! Growing more frustrated I ran across Ministrymaker, which in my opinion was the ONLY website available with the detailed information I needed.”

 - Minister LaTonya M Elias, Missouri, USA

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