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Founded in 2001, Ministrymaker helps strengthen churches and non-profit groups by providing free resources to church planters, pastors and ministry leaders around the world. Many are in the process of starting a church or attempting to strengthen an existing ministry, while others are seeking help with personal issues or their faith.

We hope you are blessed by our collection of inspirational articles, devotionals and studies written by men and women of God who have either planted a church, started a ministry, or helped others fulfill their vision.

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Cause and Effect “Everything which has a beginning has a cause. The universe has a beginning. Therefore the universe has a cause.” This is the logical argument proposed by Jonathan Sarfati B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry (with condensed matter and nuclear physics papers substituted) and Ph.D. in Spectroscopy (Physical Chemistry).

What does it take to be an effective church planter? Dr. Charles Ridley conducted a study of church planters in the United States and Canada. Based upon his research and subsequent field testing, he developed a list of thirteen characteristics that define effective church planters. For over a decade, these…

After the recent ‘crowing’ of Bishop Eddie Long as king at his church in Atlanta, Georgia, quite a controversy was stirred over the unbiblical approach of the entire charade. Words like blasphemy and idolatry came to the minds and mouths of many believers. In the midst of all the hoopla…

The Bible is 100% accurate as over 2,000 prophecies have been fulfilled. There are nearly 500 yet to be fulfilled. One of those is the prophecy of the rapture of the saints. What will that look like?

According to a survey by Cox Communications and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, teens spend as much time online each day as they spend in the classroom. Also, 83 percent log on to at least one social media site each day, the most popular being Facebook and…

Suffering is a very real issue in life and in the body of Christ. It is something that hits everyone in one way or the other throughout life. Suffering may come in the form of financial hardship, physical problems, rejection, relationships (marital, family, business, church, etc.), and in a myriad…


“Thanks a lot for your messages and sermons. It has been timely since I am to do the preaching on Sunday. We appreciate your commitment to fulfill the calling of the Lord to minister to us and making sure that people like us can access your great messages for free. May the Lord continue blessing the work of your hands.”

 - Pastor Benon, Uganda

“I always search your site and read almost everything you post on your website, you are so helpful and deep into the word of God it is amazing.Thank God we have ministers like you.”

 - Morgan Govender, South Africa