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10 Scriptures on Effective Evangelism

For many years I was ashamed of the gospel, but today I have a passion to spread the hope found only in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:15). That said, the...

Counseling Procedures for Elders

Elders, deacons and alter workers have a grave responsibility when counseling or praying with members of their congregation. There are certain procedures that are necessary to make sure the counsel...

Running the Race

Regardless of type, participants in a race encounter roadblocks, diversions and fatigue. The Christian life is no exception. The Bible is our guidebook and in it we are told to...

Trinity: One God, Three Persons

There is only one God. This fact is made clear throughout scripture. However, there are three persons eternally existent in the one God. Paul Little said it this way, “God...


  1. Arguments for God’s Existence
  2. How Prison Set Me Free
  3. Evidentiary Support for the Authenticity of Scripture
  4. Theories of Inspiration of Scripture
  5. How to be a Better Worship Leader
  6. How to Pray Like Jesus
  7. Characteristics of Biblical Counselors
  8. Benefits of the Blood of Christ
  9. Heaven is for Real: Truth or Hoax?
  10. Vance Havner Quotes for Sermons
  11. How to Resist Sin and Temptation
  12. Bethel and Divine Presence
  13. What to Look for in a Worship Musician
  14. Sample Water Baptism Letter
  15. Preparing for Worship


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