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Ministrymaker Ministries has been strengthening pastors and churches since 2001. Some are in the process of starting a new church, while others are seeking help with personal issues or their faith.

Regardless of denomination or personal history, people called to the ministry need support from folks who have walked a few miles in their shoes. We pray you are blessed by our collection of inspirational articles, guides and sermons written by men and women of God who have either planted a church, started a ministry, or helped others fulfill their vision. Feel free to use these tools and resources to not only grow your ministry, but also your faith. To get started, check out our Church Planting Guide for Beginners and How to Grow a Small Church.

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Ministrymaker Testimonials

“Our church is starting a community outreach and it is so fulfilling. The guides on Ministrymaker have injected new life and hope into our small ministry. Thank you!”
, Lusaka, Zambia
“Thank you so much for the excellent articles on Ministrymaker. I\'m one of the leaders in our church here in Kuwait. Jesus is using your site to transform and mold me to do His ministry.”
, Kuwait