20 Steps to Planting and Growing a Church

by | Updated April 16th, 2015 | Posted in Church Growth, Development and Leadership

A few practical church planting and ministry growth tips from Dr. Paul E. Paino:

  1. Make changes slowly.
  2. Announce office hours, then be there.
  3. Promote preaching series on pertinent subjects.
  4. Develop important contacts outside the church.
  5. Develop a personal visitation program for yourself.
  6. Set realistic goals which can be reached, which build faith.
  7. Write and use job descriptions for all positions, paid and unpaid.
  8. Look carefully and critically at your facility.
  9. Make connections with community leaders.
  10. Use the media before they use you.
  11. Schedule your teaching classes to run on schedule.
  12. Never count your losses and don’t preach your problems until you are past them.
  13. In the early years, start saving back personal offerings to bring in good speakers.
  14. Chart your growth in measurable ways.
  15. Develop leadership by making it possible for it to be self-supportive.
  16. Don’t hold on to someone once they start to leave you.
  17. Never fire a volunteer, promote them.
  18. Take quality time to train leadership, elders and deacons.
  19. Lay out a permanent training program for teachers.
  20. Gear the church up to reach children in your community.