How to Start a Worship Team

You’ve planted your first church and all is well except for one thing, you don’t have a worship team. Your spouse can’t play an instrument, and you certainly can’t sing. Often when churches are new, and even in the life of an established church, there are times when you don’t have anyone to lead worship.

A few years ago my husband and I were pastoring a church that was blessed to have a young man who was an excellent piano player. A year or so later he left for college. Since we didn’t have anyone to take his place, I had to learn how to play piano in a few weeks. I prayed for the Lord to give me the ability, and within a two weeks I was able to play most of our worship songs. Below are a few things you can do when you don’t have musicians or anyone to lead worship.

Learn to Play an Instrument

If you desire to play an instrument, and there is a need, God will give you the ability. That said, it’s helpful to find a piano course that teaches you to play by ear or chords which is much easier and faster than learning to read sheet music. If piano isn’t your thing, there are also sites that offer easy guitar courses, chords and tabs.

Use Praise and Worship Tracks

If you shudder at the thought of learning to play an instrument, another option is to use worship split tracks. Split tracks are recordings that allow you to mute the vocals leaving the instruments to sing along with. Some companies sell worship DVDs which include songs, lyrics and visuals to use with projection software. These options are great when you don’t have musicians, especially if you are starting a church from scratch.

Recruit Worship Leaders

If your church is already established, you can usually find someone in the congregation who can play a lead instrument. Be sure to read Worship Leader Guide for Churches. Being able to play an instrument is only part of it. A worship leader must be anointed by God to lead others in this important ministry.

Advertise for Worship Team Members

Another way to find worship leaders, singers and musicians is to post printed flyers in local music stores, Christian book stores, business, and libraries. Also, online newspapers, community centers, schools, etc. usually allow churches, ministries and non-profit groups to post free classified ads for their particular area.

A Cappella Worship

We’ve forgotten in our entertainment era that a person leading a congregation in song, a cappella, can be a powerful thing. Don’t feel pressured to have a full worship team from the start. Let God bring your worship ministry together in His time and it will be a beautiful thing.